Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pastel Pink.

Pastel pink top got from: The Brands Store

Carmen's 19th Birthday.

Hey guys I'm back. Yes, I know, after a thousand years ahahaha! But seriously, i just prefer posting pictures up on Instagram just because I'm a lazy blogger. I only blog when there's too many pictures I need to post up.

Anyway, 8th of June. Is my high school-mate, Carmen Wong's 19th birthday! One of my besties. Went for a karaoke & bonding session at Neway Karaoke Box @ One Utama.
Bubbles & glitters. My lime soda.
Carmennnnn :3
And of course Wenxin came too, another high school-mate. Carmen & her are uni-mates now anyway.

Had Japanese buffet as dinner with Carmen & her family at Shogun Japanese Buffet Restaurant @ One Utama. Food is delicious! *Thumbs up*, I ate until I feel like puking. If you know what a big eater am I, you might get what I'm talking about ;)
Mushroom soup with a heart-shaped garlic bread.
Mmm, Sushi.
Oh isn't mini baby crabs cute?
Fresh oyster. Oh this is definitely not mine :S it's Carmen's mom's one. Can't believe she ate all six. Same goes for Carmen :0 I had a phobia of these I think, the last time after I had these, I had diarrhea so badly it ruined my time in China wtf.
Oh cheese egg. Idk whats it's called in Japanese.
Melon taste the best btw!
Oh yeah, guess what I got for Carmen? A handmade Hello Kitty key chain, HAHAHA. Oh well, I've had it with me 2 years ago, hand made it in Taiwan and it's suppose to be a souvenir for her when i come back. But I kept forgetting to give it to her :/
There's chocolate fountain tooooo, FTW.
Art or not? ;D Must say the combination of chocolate & marshmallows / watermelon taste the best!
Hmm, pity the one who does the dish-washing. Or it's just a dish-washer. *Tip for you Mr. Dishwasher: Just heat up the plate and let the chocolate melt, then it's easy to wash. HEHHEHEHEHE
iPad pictures:
Oh isn't Photobooth such a sexy app? ;)
Right, that's all!
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God bless everyone of you, x.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Girls day out.

Hello hello! Another girls day out with my biatch/bestie Rachel RayRay again on Labour's Day, Tuesday! One week later we're studying in the same uni already, mad excited! And seriously, I should update about my new uni life, I know. Next post k hehhehe :P very lazy to bring dslr to Taylor's lahh so it'll be all iPad pics, I guess.

Went to Lot10 food court! Waited for RayRay @ the Tun Sambatan monorail station until I wanna pee ah, she late again :p
Ordered Minced Beef noodles! Rm5 only :D
Rayray's Japanese ramen Rm15 AHAHAHHA. She don't wanna share with me her egg yolk ):
Yummy breakfast with Loh Hon Goh! (Y)
Posted this on Twitter, bought all Hello Kitty candies and stick from Groccer Village @ Sunway Giza so that I can share with Rayray today. See! I'm such a nice friend.
Cute mah? :D Peach flavorrr.
*Smells* pftthahahaha
Really wangi! (Y)
Went to Pavilion after breakfast.
Typo! 'Cos I want to get my big notepad & chio files for uni. My Hello Kitty notebook used up half already wtf.
PINK OR GOLD!?!?!?!?!?
Vincci got sales & fashion show!
That stairs looks a nice place to sit so we went to sit there pfft hahaha
Ray bought her KEEP CALM & grow a moustache card while I buy my pink color buffolo leather notepad! :D Very mahal k, rm59 wtf. But because it's pink & it's A5 so no choice ):
We got matching rings! Rayray got her gold one from Sungei Wang for Rm10, I got my rusty faded silver for Rm6 from Taylor's bazaar.
Bought this Vincci heart-shaped necklace for Rm12 only! (Got discount, suppose to be Rm25)
Ochado, 'cos Rayray was mad thirsty.
Dunno what passion fruit-lime flavor, I get to drink for freeeee.
The Click Shop stocked up so many Juice Box cameras & Ultra-Wide & Slim cameras! So colorful.
Walked to Sungei Wang 'cos I wanna go Cotton On to look for my studded loafers and this girl here kept nagging me about Blackberry casings-.-
The only reason I like this picture is one lengchai showing his armpit! :D
Sungei Wang's 6th floor, HongKong street!
I gotz no bicycle at home so I have to fake ride a bicycle here, mehhh :C
Besties + chio background = Picture perfect! LOL
Got tourist feel rightttttt LOLWTF. The girl who helped us take this pic happens to be a KC-ian sommore hahahha! This world is small.
Action 1, 2, 3, 4!
Here, she found her first Blackberry casing lahh, Rm10 only! Cheap like hell. She end up buying another 3 more different ones *faints*-_-
I dunno how to call this. Rayray says its 冰糖葫芦, I really don't know how to translate. I guess you can call it: Ice-sweet-lake-oven.
Told you Vincci got 50%-70% sales right? Saw this at their shop, your never gonna belief how much this pair of oxford cost. RM25 ONLY!!!!!!!!! I was searching heaven & hell for this when I was in Taiwan but I found nothing, nothing as such! But now I'm just into doll flats, so I didn't buy :/ Plus I got 13 pairs of shoes at home I bought THIS YEAR already.
Had keropok from the roadside then we head to Bar.B.Q Plaza @ Times Square for dinner.
Supreme meat set! Got chicken, beef & pork. I love chicken, Rayray loves pork. Beef forever alone, so we kesian and stuff it down too. Pfft :D
Rayray says I'm such a bad partner for cooking.
Fresh shrimpppp, yummy! I can't belief I put this to barbeque instead of steamboat-ing it before Rayray corrects me HAHHAHAHA. I must admit she's better at cooking-.-
We still can't manage to pop open the can of Hello kitty fruit drops! ): so we end up camwhoring with it only pfft.
Last bit of our Hello Kitty peach gummies :3
Tired max ahhh. Rayray went home & my parents came to have a 2nd dinner with me here in Times Square instead.
Dad had sore throat so we went to eat Gui Ling Gao (herbal jelly) & Leong Cha (drink herbal tea) :D
My pink buffulo A5 notepad<33333 piao liang mah? :D

ANYWAY, I JUST PASSED MY DRIVING TEST. Like, (I just have to shout this) I'm a one-time passer! HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm just lucky anyways, especially today. I dunno why. I guess many of my friends went and drop by at the temple/churches/suraus to pray for me so that I can drive them around for the next couple of years-.-
Random pictures:
That's all for now!
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God bless everyone of you, x.